About CoSERG

The Cornish Social and Economic Research Group (CoSERG) is an independent research group concerned for the future of Cornwall and the Cornish people. It was founded in 1986 by a group of individuals concerned about the lack of a Cornish perspective in both research and the preparation of important policy documents in Cornwall.

CoSERG’s early activity was related to work undertaken in the context of the structure plan process, which culminating in CoSERG publishing ‘Cornwall at the Crossroads’ in 1988.

cornwallathecrossroadsThis was a major book outlining the issues facing Cornwall.  It took a detailed and holistic look at the recent economic and social history of Cornwall and explained the prevailing policy responses and their shortcomings. The book pointed to the strengths of Cornwall and how its potential could be realised.

Though acclaimed as a significant, groundbreaking report, the impact on policy making was negligible.  Those issues highlighted in 1988 still remain – excessive population growth, unaffordable housing, low earnings, unsustainable development pressures and environmental degradation.

What has changed has been the economic context, with the UK economy enjoying a period of sustained growth and Cornwall acquiring Objective One status, now superseded by Convergence funding.  To some extent this has exacerbated the problems facing Cornwall.

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What are CoSERG’s aims?

CoSERG’s overall aim is to provide a Cornish perspective on social, economic and political issues.

Within this its key aims are to:

i) undertake research relevant to Cornwall and the Cornish people;

ii) provide information and support to any organisation that shares CoSERG’s concerns;

iii) collate and assess relevant research material;

iv) encourage Cornish graduates and other researchers to engage in research relevant to Cornwall and the Cornish people.


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